Treasure Valley Young Artists accepts into its ranks all qualified singers regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, or religious persuasion.



Treasure Valley Young Artists repertoire is chosen at the sole discretion of the Artistic Director and may include music of many styles, cultures and traditions. Students are expected to sing the entire repertoire of the choir.



Attendance at all rehearsals is mandatory except in the case of emergency or serious illness. If for any reason a child must miss a rehearsal, please notify the Artistic Director at (208) 230-4344 in advance of the scheduled rehearsal.

Two excused absences per term will be allowed for Apprentice and Advanced Choirs, three excused absences for Concert Choir and Premier Singers. Any absence beyond those allowed will result in the student being placed on probation. Any unexcused absence will immediately place the student on probation!


Students should enter quietly, sign in, go directly to their seats, listen attentively and follow directions carefully. Students should always bring a pencil and their music to each rehearsal.


Students must be picked up promptly at the end of their scheduled rehearsal time. If students need to wait for other choir members, a designated parent must be in attendance to supervise students during this time. (Children are not allowed to play in the halls of the Civic Center!)


Rehearsal Dress Code:

Students are expected to be modest, tidy and clean. No short-shorts, low necklines, bare midriffs, or jeans with holes, rips, or tears.


Parents are welcome--even encouraged--to attend weekly rehearsals.                 




Members of the Choirs are required to sing in each performance unless specifically excused by the Artistic Director upon written request by the parent. 


Instructions to singers: Wear the required concert attire to each performance. Please make sure outfits are clean and neatly pressed before each performance. Be on time! Be well groomed with hair combed and out of the face. Do not use scented hair spray or perfume. No jewelry or accessories that draw undo attention to the individual singer.

Rehearsal Cancellations


If for any reason a choir rehearsal or performance is canceled, parents will be notified by Blog, e-mail, or text. 

Please be certain we are apprised of any change of e-mail address. Always check the Blog before each rehearsal or performance!



Treasure Valley Young Artists Concert Choir and Premier Singers may accept invitations to perform out of the area for music conventions, music festivals, and competitions, thus making some travel necessary. Parents and singers will be notified of any planned travel well in advance.


High standards of conduct are expected of each student on tour. A list of expectations will be given to all participants and parents prior to the planned travel. Parents and family members are welcome to travel with the choirs and enjoy the experience with choir members during trips.



The Spring Awards Ceremony will be held annually at the conclusion of the performance season. Parents and families are encouraged to attend. All members of each choir will be recognized individually for their accomplishments. Certificates will be awarded to each student for their years of participation, and special recognition awards will also be given for participation in the Chorus for five years and more.



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