Comments from music professionals:

"Beautiful sound, wonderful tone, terrific singing! Bravo!”

--Will Kesling, Adjudicator, 

Florida State University


“Bravo! Absolutely excellent in every respect! One of the best ensembles in the Northwest!”

-- Richard Clark, Adjudicator, University of Oregon

"Simply wonderful! Big, rich sound, terrific balance, exceptional blend. What a joy to hear and see you perform!

-- Solveig Holmquist, Adjudicator

"Outstanding maturity and richness of tone. Really terrific! One of the most beautiful children's choirs I have ever heard! Congratulations on a superb performance!" -- Travis Rogers, Adjudicator

“The performance by your choir was outstanding! I was very impressed by your selection of repertoire, the beautiful tone quality, and the expertise exhibited by you and the members of your choir.” --

Gene Brooks, Executive Director, National ACDA 


“I love to watch Mrs. Walker teach and coach her students, not only to be better singers, but to be more disciplined, dignified, confident, and compassionate people. She has taught me that 'children can learn anything you can teach them,’ and it is a joy to see how they blossom under her hand." --Teresa Baker, Music Educator    

Treasure Valley Young Artists

The musical experience of a lifetime!​​

Comments from parents:


“In all the years I’ve had my kids in lessons, classes and sports, I have never found anything that is as high quality as this children’s choir."-- Dawn Rider, parent

"What you give to your students is so much more than music. You teach them composure, confidence, character, class...all the qualities that I want my children to possess. Thank you for that...for helping your students to become dignified human beings." -- Lorrie Richins, parent

“Thank you for helping our girls develop their self-esteem, their love of music, and their souls!”-- Ruth Boyle, parent

"Thank you so much for loving our daughter! She will miss you, as will we, and we are thankful for the gifts you have given her, tucked away in her heart." -- Debbie Sutherland, parent


"Not only does Linda teach music to the members of her choirs, she also teaches love, discipline and many important life-lessons. I will be forever grateful my children have had the blessing of being instructed by such a wonderful and talented lady."

-- Melissa Millward, parent

"Wisest investment we could ever make! Being involved with this choir will bring you years of beautiful memories!" -- David Patton, parent

Comments from students:

“The level of respect and discipline Linda commands is what our choir thrives on,” -- Tessa Anderson, former student.

"Choir taught us more than just vocal skills. It taught us confidence, patience and love. Bruce and Linda, thank you so much!" -- Melanie, Lisa, Laura and Valerie Dame, former students.

"I cannot thank you enough for all you have taught me! You have the spirit and voice of an angel. I love you and will always remember what you have given me." --Ericka Weissenbuehler, former student.

“I loved choir! It defines my youth!

 It is the first memory that comes to my mind when I think of my teen-age years.”-- Jaime Holmes, former student & current music teacher.

"I will never forget the lessons I learned from choir, and from Bruce and Linda. I learned so much more than just how to sing. I learned so much about myself and would not be the same without the experience." --Kristina Colt, former student.

"Thank you for inspiring me! I always leave choir happier than I arrived. I am so grateful for your influence in my life." -- Emily Millward, former student.

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